Living Waters International's programs address basic human and spiritual needs of the peoples of East Africa. We assist Roman Catholic missionaries and the people they serve. Our programs include student sponsorship and seminarians' support. Other projects include: construction of formation houses, schools, student hostels, churches, village chapels, health clinics, food relief, tuition assistance and teachers' salaries at Catholic schools, religious formation, retreats and support for the daily living expenses of religious, training of lay catechists, housing for the poor, wells, and solar and wind power facilities. We invite you to browse our various programs.

Radio Habari Njema - "Good News" Radio

Radio Habari Njema is a Community Based Radio Station with a communication apostolate at service to about 10 million people in Mbulu and the surrounding dioceses of Tanzania. Founded in 2008, its headquarters are in the Sanu area of the Manyara Region.


The mission of Radio Habari Njema is to evangelize people of all religious backgrounds and ethnicities. Its goal is to inform and educate the general populace on religious, moral, behavioral, societal, justice, reconciliation, and peace issues relevant to the peoples comprising the tribes inhabiting this area of Tanzania.

Radio Habari Njema programming includes general education and proclaiming the Word of God. The name of the station, "Radio Habari Njema," literally translated is "Good News Radio."

Rooted firmly in the gospel message with its mission of bringing "light" to all dimensions of life, Radio Habari Njema strives to impart knowledge of God, and to convey the traditions and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, particularly its rich social teaching.

The Mbulu and surrounding dioceses, faced with the challenges of a shortage of clergy, the vastness and remoteness of much of this area, poor infrastructure, and inadequate funds for improvements, rely heavily on Radio Habari Njema as an effective tool for evangelization. The Radio serves as a medium through which the Catholic faithful can keep in contact with their Shepherd and with each other, enabling them to share spiritual and social experiences. It provides the bishop an avenue to exercise leadership; it offers the people a source of evangelization and an invitation for conversion.

Living Waters International has served as the intermediary agent is procuring grants for Radio Habari Njema for:

  • Training radio journalists (Sisters and lay people) to prepare Biblical programs for the radio.
  • Training radio programmers and editors to prepare programs based on social teaching of the Church and faith-based issues relevant to people in Africa today.
  • Field expenses to visit Small Christian Communities to record material to be broadcast twice weekly on the "Word of Life" Radio Habari Njema program.