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Franciscan Sisters of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (FSKJC) Convent

Kagongwa Parish, Kahama Diocese, Shinyanga Region, Tanzania


Due to the scarcity of qualified teachers, Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales (MSFS) made the proposal to invite the FSKJC to work as instructors at their SFS English Medium Primary School. When the Sisters accepted the invitation, the next step was to begin the process of constructing a convent for them on the MSFS mission site.

The school's primary goal is to provide quality education in a Christian environment, preparing its young pupils for life, both scholastically and spiritually. Especially targeted are the poor, orphaned and marginalized children of Kagongwa and the surrounding villages of the Kahama district.

Presence of the Sisters on campus has brought about positive changes in the quality of education and life in the school, parish and surrounding locality. A charism of the Sisters is their guidance of Christian formation of students and younger children. The Sister's convent on campus better enables for the provisions of education, pastoral care, and spiritual guidance to the students and the larger community, especially for the poor and marginalized of the parish.

Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales sincerely thank and appreciate everyone at Living Waters International for their great help toward the realization of a convent at, Kagongwa Tanzania. Their support together with other funding agencies and benefactors enable us to make a positive change in the lives of many poor and orphaned children who are now given free education in St. Francis de Sales School. May God bless you all for your goodness and generosity.