Living Waters International's programs address basic human and spiritual needs of the peoples of East Africa. We assist Roman Catholic missionaries and the people they serve. Our programs include student sponsorship and seminarians' support. Other projects include: construction of formation houses, schools, student hostels, churches, village chapels, health clinics, food relief, tuition assistance and teachers' salaries at Catholic schools, religious formation, retreats and support for the daily living expenses of religious, training of lay catechists, housing for the poor, wells, and solar and wind power facilities. We invite you to browse our various programs.

Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales FOSTER Program

Ipuli, Tabora, Tanzania


The roots of the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales' FOSTER (Fransalian Organization for Social Transformation, Education and Renewal) Program go back to 2002 when the missionaries first established a home for "street children" roaming the streets of Tabora, Tanzania. Father Kurian Kollapallil, MSFS, was the project's coordinator, providing refuge for these young boys who were living on the streets, many orphaned or who had wandered into the town from the interior villages where they have been abused or abandoned. By the end of 2002, Father Kurian was providing shelter, food and basic care for 12 children. The center now provides a home for 45 homeless boys. In subsequent years, the Fransalians expanded this program to include hostels for both boys and girls, a primary school, a secondary school, a home and workshop for the blind, and a convent for the Sisters of St. Joseph.


The goals of the FOSTER Program are to provide street children, orphans and other vulnerable children in the Tabora region:

  • Basic needs
  • Quality education
  • Intellectual development
  • Emotional support
  • Integration into social life
  • The primary school received a certificate for the "Best Primary School" in Tabora in 2006 from the Ministry of Education and it is placed among the "A" grade schools in Tanzania. Because of its popularity, many children are brought to the school by their parents/guardians in search of quality education.

    Seventeen children from the Children's Home are currently sponsored through the Living Waters International Student Sponsorship Program. In addition, funds have been provided through competitive grants and private donations to help build the Girls' Hostel pictured here.