Living Waters International's programs address basic human and spiritual needs of the peoples of East Africa. We assist Roman Catholic missionaries and the people they serve. Our programs include student sponsorship and seminarians' support. Other projects include: construction of formation houses, schools, student hostels, churches, village chapels, health clinics, food relief, tuition assistance and teachers' salaries at Catholic schools, religious formation, retreats and support for the daily living expenses of religious, training of lay catechists, housing for the poor, wells, and solar and wind power facilities. We invite you to browse our various programs.

Renovation of Mihayo (St. Mary's) Secondary School Multi-Purpose Building

Grant money offers students at Mihayo (St. Mary's) Secondary School a friendly, modern and hygienically clean environment for their academics and religious education.


Mihayo (St. Mary's) Secondary School was established in 1929 in the Tabora Archdiocese of Tanzania. The school provides its students quality education and religious formation based on Christian values and good moral conduct. In keeping with the mission of the archdiocese, St. Mary's promotes the common good for all regardless of race, creed or religion, or socio-economic status. The environment at the school allows for daily Mass and other spiritually enriching activities for its student body, thereby balancing a student's capacity to grow intellectually and spiritually.

Over the years, the school's multipurpose building had become dilapidated. The roof leaked in many places, wooden doors and window frames needed replacing and the concrete floors eroded to the point where chairs and desks would no longer set properly. With the assistance of Living Waters International, in April of 2012, the archdiocese received a grant of $15,000 to pay for the building's renovation. Upon its completion, the building's roof was replaced, new ceiling boards were installed and the floor was resurfaced. Windows and doors were replaced, walls and ceilings were painted and new electrical wiring was installed.