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Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales, Formation of Seminarians, Maputo Archdiocese, Mozambique

Grant money helps young Mozambican men engaged in seminary studies in their formation for the priesthood.


With the establishment of a government in Mozambique in 1994, after the end of the long and protracted, brutal civil war and the suppression of religious institutions, the Archbishop of Maputo, Cardinal Alexandre de Santos requested the Superior General of the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales (MSFS) to send missionaries to Mozambique. The MSFS accepted the invitation and were entrusted to the Roman Catholic Mission at Bela Vista in the remote Matutuine District of the state of Maputo. The arrival of the MSFS at Bela Vista in May of 2000 meant the first celebration of Mass in many of the district's villages for the first time in over a quarter of a century.

Slowly, the process of re-evangelizing the people was put into motion. After forty years of religious suppression and persecution, the MSFS launched their own war for the sake of giving back to the Mozambican people what was rightfully theirs to begin with. Faith formation seminars, catechism classes, administration of the sacraments, the building of chapels, visits to Catholic families and the recruitment of local vocations for religious life and the priesthood all began.

Presently, many Catholics in Mozambique are provided Mass an average of only two or three times annually. The young men directly served by this project have already served the people by leading Small Christian Communities, helping with the formation of youth groups, teaching catechism to children and directing youth activities in the parishes. They've been inspirational to the neighboring residents through their daily prayer sessions, counselling, and various kinds of assistance to the weak, sick and the elderly. Still through continuation of this project, countless more will be served by these men in the future once they are ordained. The impact on the local Church will attain far reaching results by way of having quality priests for its immediate and future needs.

Father Ranjit Tirkey, Delegation Bursar of the Mozambique Fransalian Casa, stated " ... the heavy investment of funds in the formation of Mozambican men for the priesthood will pay rich dividends by way of having personnel for the urgent evangelization activities of the Church. This investment in human resource development is the best form of participation by the Universal Church for the development of the local Church in Mozambique."