Living Waters International's programs address basic human and spiritual needs of the peoples of East Africa. We assist Roman Catholic missionaries and the people they serve. Our programs include student sponsorship and seminarians' support. Other projects include: construction of formation houses, schools, student hostels, churches, village chapels, health clinics, food relief, tuition assistance and teachers' salaries at Catholic schools, religious formation, retreats and support for the daily living expenses of religious, training of lay catechists, housing for the poor, wells, and solar and wind power facilities. We invite you to browse our various programs.

Holy Cross Junior School, St. Jude Parish, Osia in Tororo Archdiocese of Uganda

Grant dollars provide tuition assistance and teacher salaries for one school year.


This project is providing twenty children both the financial and emotional support to attain an education with a strong Christian foundation. This foundation will enable these children to strive for and achieve goals that they may not have even envisioned. Poverty and illiteracy can sap the energy and vigor of a society. As the children grow academically, their world and possibilities grow as well.

Good staffing is paramount when a school's standards are high. Thus, fair salaries are required in order to realize the intended outcome of academic performance. The staff at Holy Cross Junior School have shown great enthusiasm in giving themselves fully in teaching and other activities of the school. They come to work prepared and take lively roles in cooperation with the school's management. On the weekends, they assist with children's liturgies and bible lessons and they also participate in Small Christian Communities praying with students and their families, thereby enabling the students to deepen their faith.

In addition to a strong academic foundation, students attending Holy Cross Junior School are also learning the tenets of the Catholic faith. In this way, their spiritual growth will mirror their academic growth. The children, their families, and the larger society will benefit as these children grow both academically and spiritually. In our rapidly changing world, all children need the tools, both intellectually and morally, to confidently navigate the future.

Parents and other parishioners of St. Jude Parish believe that all the children of the parish deserve an education and indeed it does take a village to educate a child. Many parishioners have agreed to support this effort by providing tuition fees. On Saturdays, students themselves labor in a garden, which serves as a source of income for the school. The fruits of everyone's efforts have manifested themselves in these children. They are coming to school on time, eager to learn with great enthusiasm and concentration and they've improved performance in their studies.