Living Waters International's programs address basic human and spiritual needs of the peoples of East Africa. We assist Roman Catholic missionaries and the people they serve. Our programs include student sponsorship and seminarians' support. Other projects include: construction of formation houses, schools, student hostels, churches, village chapels, health clinics, food relief, tuition assistance and teachers' salaries at Catholic schools, religious formation, retreats and support for the daily living expenses of religious, training of lay catechists, housing for the poor, wells, and solar and wind power facilities. We invite you to browse our various programs.

A donation of $600 helped 20 students of the Kilimanjaro Sisters in Tanzania

Private Donation provides School Uniforms for Students in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania

A generous private donation to Living Waters International has provided school uniforms, shoes, stockings and soccer uniforms for twenty children under the care of the Kilimanjaro Sisters at Catholic schools in rural areas of the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania. This project was implemented by the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Kilimanjaro (CDNK), Community Development Office.

Students performing Native African Dance at School Graduation

The CDNK Congregation works to find ways for orphans and other vulnerable children to access an education. Beginning in 1987, the CDNK has assisted children, especially orphans and those with disabilities. As African society has developed these past twenty-five years, the population has been confronted with numerous problems, including HIV/AIDS, malaria, other diseases and causes of premature death that have increased the number of children with no parents and/or who remain with elderly extended family members. By 1998, the number of children assisted through the program was eighty. At present, the number has exceeded one hundred.

Due to dramatically higher costs of school tuition, uniforms, books and food, the congregation now struggles to meet the needs of all the children identified as needing support. Until additional funds can be secured, the congregation must limit the number of new children admitted into the assistance program. The Sisters, however, have identified many additional children who are orphaned, physically disabled, living in the streets, or otherwise marginalized. These additional children include sixteen AIDS orphans and twenty-four children rescued from the streets of Moshi town or whose families are so poor they cannot afford to send their children to school. Fourteen of these children have additional challenges, such as blindness, deafness, albinism or other physical disability. The Community Development office wishes to offer assistance to these most vulnerable children by providing financial support for their basic provisions and education in Catholic schools.

The mission of the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Kilimanjaro is to continue to support these vulnerable, disabled and orphaned children whenever resources allow. This project provides the necessary resources to finance school fees, school supplies, clothing, medical care, food and accommodations for needy students. By supporting these most vulnerable children, the Sisters hope to create stronger communities and ultimately, the formation of these young people, their parents, and extended families in strong Catholic virtues and moral values.

If you wish to help the Sisters in this work by assisting them to meet the costs of school uniforms, school tuition fees and food for these children, and/or school textbooks and other teaching materials, and teachers' salaries at these Catholic schools, please donate, or contact us for more information.