We depend upon public donations to continue our work. You can help! There are several ways to make a difference. You can sponsor a student in need, a seminarian who can have an impact on a community, or you can make a donation that can contribute to one of the many programs we support. Almost all of your donations go directly to programs, so you can feel confident that your contributions are going to those who really need it. Please help us out and make a donation today!

In the part of Africa hardest hit by AIDS, many children are denied even the most basic necessities of life. Your sponsorship of $25 monthly will help one of these children to a brighter future. Your contribution provides support for school tuition fees, books and school supplies, clothing, food, shelter, and health care. Once assigned a student for sponsorship, you are sent your child's biography and picture. In addition, you may correspond with your student. The full amount of your tax-deductible contribution is sent to East Africa toward your student's support. To sponsor a student, click on the payment method button of your choice. Below, you will find a number of students that need a sponsor.