Living Waters International has touched many lives. We invite you to read about what some of our sponsors, students, and beneficiaries are saying about our work.


"My husband and I have sponsored Marietta since she was 5 years old. Because she is about the same age as our only grand-daughter (we have 5 grand sons), we find it very rewarding to be able to play a role in another little girl's life. We always look forward to her letters and to the occasional photo. Since education is the only way for a girl in Africa to rise from poverty, we feel privileged to be able to help her achieve her goals."

- Steve & Sue Brettingen, Student Sponsor


"I began sponsoring my student, Peter Gasper, after I spent a day with Peter and other boys living under the care of Father Jomon Joseph and the other MSFS priests at the SFS Children's Home in Ipuli, outside of the city of Tabora. The students proudly showed me their Spartan living quarters and we had a dance party, and I was smitten. Peter had come to the home after the death of his parents from illness. I now exchange letters with Peter and he updates me on his studies and life in general."

- Emma Ashburn, Student Sponsor


"Many years ago I was asked to consider sponsoring a child through Living Waters International. It has been a very rewarding experience for me and I believe my sponsorship has made a difference in the life of a child. Idi, the child chosen, was homeless, with no parents or family to care for him, the MSFS Children's Home took him in, provided shelter, and an education. At least once a year a personal letter from Idi arrives, telling me about his life, and his advancement in his studies. Idi is now coming to the end of his studies and will now have opportunities to secure a good job. Living Waters has been great to work with, I would encourage anyone to become a sponsor, and in a small way we can make the world a better place."

- Mike Turney


"And my family also joins me thanking you for all your past helps and supports and prayers as I have obtained a job - a livelihood for the entire family where no one else is employed! I am employed because of my education which you personally supported. How nice. Thank you so much!"

- Jonas Bizeque, Mozambique, Student


"All children who are aided by Living Waters International are either orphans, children who are abandoned by their parents, or come from very poor families. If it were not for the efforts of the Living Waters International sponsorship program, these children would have been forgotten or neglected. It is a noticeable fact that after helping them and bringing them to a formal education, all the aided children are at the top of their class in academic performance and other extracurricular activities."

- Father Paul Santhosh, MSFS, Tanzania